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Welcome to a new way of doing accounting

Our bookkeeping services allow for an affordable and efficient way to get up-to-date and accurate bookkeeping records regardless of your location. If you need a help with a new business set up, advice on the best tax strategy, help with payroll or sales tax, or anything else that worries you, we are here to help. Currently, at no additional fee, we will provide accounting, bookkeeping or tax services at your location.

Busy daytime? No problem - we can schedule late evenings or even weekends, including Sundays. We are not typical 9-5 guys, just as your business is not typical either. We are very flexible so you can focus on what is most important - growing your own business.

We provide services to our clients in English and Polish, and we also offer face-to-face and email advice and consulting.

We can be your partner

We live in a modern, digital world. It is now extremely important to be fast, accurate and efficient. In a highly competitive environment, only the best can survive. Therefore, it is very important that you have time to focus on growing your business while allowing us to take care of your accounting and tax needs.

One way of making our relationship very efficient is to use Quickbooks Online. It has amazing features for business owners, but it can also provide direct access to your books so we can work on the most updated file without the need to share any files. That also means if you have questions, we can provide meaningful answers or make corrections on the fly.

Of course, we don’t require you to use a specific product, and we are still able to do our part if you have Quickbooks desktop edition (either Windows or Mac) or some other accounting software.

If you need to track employees time, we can help with that too. We are TSheetsPRO certified, and that system allows you to exactly know what your employees are doing and what you are paying for. Even better, it integrates very well with Quickbooks or other accounting solutions so payroll calculations can be done very quickly.

Every dollar counts

Let's face it - Uncle Sam is not really part of your family. To protect your hard earned money, you would like to find as many allowable expenses as possible. You may, of course, try to do everything by yourself but then the question is: how much is left on the table. Do you properly account for your vehicle expenses? Do you fully deduct your health insurance premiums? Do you fully depreciate your fixed assets, such as equipment, through section 179? The goal is to look for legitimate expenses, and we are here to help.

We will keep you ahead of government deadlines

Bookkeeping is a serious task. Through prompt and timely service, along with a good knowledge of the rules and regulations, we will maintain order in your internal financial systems, and reduce the headaches that come with owning a business. So now you don't have to worry about reporting deadlines anymore.

We can handle it all, from bookkeeping to your payroll needs to banking and check writing. If you’re having issues preparing your financial statements, we can tackle them for you. Just let us know about your needs, and we will find solutions.

Managing payroll may not seem like a critical task until something goes wrong

Hiring and managing employees or independent contractors can be sometimes very challenging by itself. If that was not enough, managing payroll can be time-consuming, and, more importantly, it requires a good knowledge of the tax laws and deposit rules. You can't afford to make any mistakes here. Employees can't tolerate mistakes, and certainly, IRS doesn't like it too. If you miss reporting deadline or underpay FICA taxes, you will hear from the IRS very soon.

Luckily, we can simplify the payroll process for you. We can assist you in all areas of payroll and we can provide full-service payroll duties upon request. So your only responsibility would be to obtain and provide employee data, such as the hours worked and other related information. Upon receipt of your data, we will take care of the rest.

Hiring own bookkeepers may not be cost effective

There are very few people willing to work part-time and cheap. If they have good knowledge, they expect to work full-time and be paid well. In any event, you would need to provide some training and guidance so everything would be done correctly and on time. This can be very expensive to do; for a small business, it might actually be cost prohibitive. The good news is you don't have to hire people for accounting tasks. We can do your monthly bookkeeping at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

We are already experienced in accounting software programs. We can perform vital accounting functions, such as bookkeeping, accounts receivable and payable, payroll, general ledger accounting, bank reconciliations, financial statement preparation and financial analysis.

Best of all, when you retain our services, we will make it a priority to learn your goals and operations quickly so we can hit the ground running. Based on our experience, we can easily identify opportunities for more effective tax planning, improved internal controls, and many other areas that will make your business more profitable.

What we offer?

We offer most services that small business owners need:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Financial reports preparation (Profit/Loss, Balance sheet)
  • Payroll processing (including W-2 and contractors 1099)
  • Federal and state quarterly (or monthly) reporting (941 Form)
  • Year-end reporting (940, W3/W2, 1096, 1099 etc.)
  • New hire reporting
  • Sales tax reporting (TPT)
  • Business and personal tax preparation
  • Setting up a new business
  • TSheets set up
  • and much more.

Schedule today

We encourage you to take advantage of our offer and allow us to visit your place for your initial consultation. It's free so you have nothing to lose. I’m available daytime, evenings, even weekends. Totally up to you. Please send me an email to schedule:

Email is best because when I'm driving or with a client, I can't answer phone calls. I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you must call me, my phone is 623-302-8086

If you prefer to do the business at my location, this can be done but it requires an appointment. I'm located in Mesa, Southern Ave and Lindsay Rd intersection. Email me and I will provide you more detailed information.

I look forward serving you. Thank you!
   -- Mateusz Wojakowski, Owner


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